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How To Measure your head for a Medical Wig

Getting the perfect fit for your wig is key to wearing it with style and confidence. If you’ve ever bought a wig and found it wasn’t the right fit, or maybe it even slipped off, then this information is an important first step in the WIG BUYING PROCESS.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to measure your head for a wig using a fabric tape measure so that you can pick a wig cap size perfect for your head. The best part? Measuring your head just takes a few minutes–and those few minutes are worth it when you’re investing in a high-quality wig.

Wig sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer, but this wig-measuring guide will give you a great baseline, especially if the wig you choose has adjustable straps. The combination of the correct size and adjustability is sure to give you the fit you need! It's worth it when your are buying a high quality wig. You don't want to spend money buying a wig that is too tight which makes your feel uncomfortable or too large giving you the feeling of insecurity.


Having assistance can make measuring your head for a medical wig much easier and more accurate. It can be challenging to maintain the measuring tape in the right position and ensure accuracy when doing it alone. Asking a friend or family member for help can provide a more precise measurement by ensuring the tape is straight and at the right level around your head. Their assistance can make the process smoother and more reliable, ultimately contributing to a better fit for your medical wig.

What You'll Need:

A yellow measuring tape
Measuring Tape

  • Cloth measuring tape

  • Mirror (optional, but helpful)

  • Assistance from someone else (optional but can make it easier)

Steps To Measure your head:

  1. Prepare Your Hair: If you have long hair, it's helpful to put it in a flat style like a ponytail or braids to minimize interference with the measurements.

  2. Position the Measuring Tape: Start by placing the measuring tape on your forehead just above your eyebrows. Make sure it sits comfortably around your head, following the hairline at the front.

  3. Wrap Around the Head: Gently wrap the measuring tape around the back of your head, keeping it at the same level as where it started at the forehead. Ensure it's not too tight or too loose; it should rest comfortably around your head.

  4. Find the Measurement: Look in the mirror or ask your helper to ensure the measuring tape is straight and that you're getting an accurate measurement. Note the measurement in inches or centimeters where the tape meets the starting point at your forehead.

  5. Repeat for Accuracy: For more accuracy, measure a few times to confirm the consistency of the measurement. Sometimes doing this multiple times can help ensure precision.

  6. Record the Measurement: Write down the measurement you've taken. Typically, wig makers or medical professionals providing wigs will ask for the circumference of your head, which is the length around your head where the measuring tape was placed.

**Before you measure your head, be sure to flatten your hair. Also use a cloth tape measure to ensure accuracy.

Find Your Perfect Wig Size

You’ve done the hard part, taking all the measurements. Now it’s time to apply those measurements to different wig sizes.

While wig manufacturers may have slightly different sizing conventions, wig sizes typically fall into the following general categories: Many wigs come in petite, average and large cap sizes. Average size wigs, however, tend to fit about 90-95% of customers. See wig size chart below, so you are able to determine the best cap size for you!

Chart showing wig size measurements
Wig Size Chart

High-quality MEDICAL GRADE WIGS, LACE FRONT WIGS, and HAIR TOPPERS often come with adjustable straps and built-in combs to help secure the unit. Even if your measurements don’t fall exactly into these categories, you can easily adjust to achieve hair perfection.

Lady with long hair
Long Medical Wig

These can be time-consuming tasks that are best done by a professional to make sure your unit doesn’t get damaged. Thankfully, OGP MEDICAL WIGS offers CONSULTATIONS to help you with your medical wig sizing.

If you’ve got questions about how to measure your head for a wig, or about OGP's wig sizes, styles, and options, we’ve got answers. Whether you’re looking for a medical wig or hair toppers, CONTACT US and we can help you get the look you want.


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