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Arlene Gray - Cosmetologist / Sr. Cranial Prosthetic Specialist & Mastectomy Fitter 

I am a Senior Cranial Prosthesis Specialist with over 38 years in the Hair Industry. I've owned and operated my Hair Salons for 15 years providing personalized hair care to my clients. I specialize in helping individuals during emotionally challenging periods of hair loss due to medical reasons.

I am also the founder of OGP Medical Wigs, an initiative based on empathy that aims to ease the difficulties people face when looking for personalized and high-quality hair care and medical wig options. My goal is to help my clients look and feel the best they can while experiencing medical hair loss. I provide a comfortable, welcoming, and private location, at your home, hospital, or nursing home ensuring that you feel at ease and comfortable discussing your needs and preferences. I approach every situation with empathy, expertise, and a commitment to making you feel beautiful and empowered.

Schedule a free 15 consultation with me.

Medical Wigs

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