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What is the difference between a Cranial Prosthesis compared to a Fashion Wig

Cranial prosthesis wigs serves as a specialized medical solution tailored for individuals experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions. In contrast a fashion wig is crafted for those who enjoy periodically altering their appearance for style purposes. While cranial prosthesis address the needs of individuals experiencing medical-related hair loss, fashion wigs cater to the dynamic preferences of individuals seeking versatile and trendy changes.

A Cranial Prosthesis compared to a Fashion Wig

  1. A cranial prosthesis compared to a fashion wig differs because a Cranial prosthesis is a medical wig designed specifically for people suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia, trichotmania, chemotherapy, thyroid or kidney related hair loss. Sometimes genetics may cause women or men to to lose their hair which can result into total or partial baldness.

Bald Lady putting on a medical wig
Cancer Patient trying on a cranial prosthesis

2. A fashion wig is designed to change a persons hairstyle without having to alter their natural hair. If you are a person who love experimenting with different looks, fashion wigs offer a swift and effortless way to revitalize one's appearance. With so many styles, colors and lengths to choose from, wearing a fashion wig can transform the everyday into an exciting day out or evening look. You can purchase a fashion wig at any wig store online or from your neighborhood beauty store.

sitting in a salon chair wearing a wavy fashion wig
Client in salon wearing a wavy fashion wig

Cranial Prosthesis: A Closer Look

The Why: Cranial Prosthesis, also called medical wigs, step in when health conditions like cancer or alopecia lead to hair loss. These wigs aren’t just about enhancing your appearance for a night out; they're crucial for people going through tough medical treatments.

Crafted for Comfort: A Cranial Prosthesis are tailored precisely to fit snugly, but comfortably. They're designed with soft, gentle materials to soothe sensitive scalps and skin. Think of a cranial prosthetic unit as custom-made hugs for your head that gives your comfort while wearing.

Insurance Might Help: Sometimes, health insurance can cover the cost of a cranial prosthesis because these wigs are seen as essential in helping individuals feel more like themselves during a chemo or radiation treatments.

Emotional Boosters: When you’re facing a tough health battle, feeling like yourself can be tough. A cranial prosthesis, medical wig, can help boost confidence and helping someone feel normal again.

Sad lady holding a medical wig
Cranial Prosthetic Wig for Cancer Patients

Why Wear a Fashion Wig: For Style and Versatility

Experimenting with Flair: Fashion wigs are like having a whole wardrobe for your hair! They’re perfect for trying out new looks, from wild colors to different lengths and styles.

Express Yourself: Want to be a redhead today and a blonde tomorrow? Fashion wigs are all about expressing yourself. You can switch up your vibe whenever you feel like it.

Occasional Glam: These wigs are your go-to for a night out or a special event when you want to rock a new style. But they might not be as comfy for everyday wear or ideal for sensitive skin.

Making the Right Choice between a Cranial Prosthesis and Fashion Wig

The Real Deal: Cranial Prosthetic wigs are superheroes for health-related hair loss, providing comfort and confidence during tough times. Fashion wigs are like your style sidekick, giving you the freedom to experiment and express yourself.

Choosing the right Cranial Prosthetic wig can be a very difficult task, especially if it's your first time. If you have any questions please book a consultation to have your questions answered or send us a message. 

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