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We provide cranial prosthetic wigs, also known as medical wigs, to cancer patients who experience medically-related hair loss. Our aim is to help individuals suffering from this condition feel beautiful and confident, regardless of their loss. We believe that every woman deserves to feel their best, and we're dedicated to helping you get access to high-quality medical wigs and hair toppers through your medical insurance. Our mission is to empower you to feel unstoppable and amazing, because you deserve nothing less.

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Collaborating with medical professionals fosters a comprehensive approach to patient care and is beneficial to providing medical-grade wigs to the medical community and patients. Our professional connection addresses the underlying cause of hair loss, recommends the appropriate hairpieces, and ensures proper fit and comfort of the cranial prosthesis. Medical Insurance accepted.



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Medical Wigs-Lt. Brown-Dr. Brown
"Perfect color and style. The fit is perfect for my petite head and the lower density is very realistic. Thanks Arlene"

Alexa Y, Orlando FL

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