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to Oncology Getwell Practice (OGP)

We are located in Orlando, Florida. OGP Medical Wigs & Wellness provides cranial prosthetics also known as medical wigs, to women suffering from medical hair loss. We pride ourselves in bridging the gap between medicine and beauty helping women look and feel like themselves again before or after cancer treatment. OGP's services and products address a critical unmet need and appearance-related side effects caused by medical Hair loss.

OGP Medical Wigs 

Curly Fine Mono Base Medical Wig offers a striking hairstyle of beautiful curls. Featuring a fine mono base, this wig is constructed with human hair. Making it suitable for medical use, this wig is an ideal combination of style and reliability.

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Why OGP Medical Wigs

My name is Arlene Gray

As an oncology-trained professional, I can help someone when they need me the most—and make a difference in their life.

Non-surgical hair replacement has changed my life and all those I come in contact with. It has given my life purpose and I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Hear From Our Client

"My first experience with OGP Medical Wigs was extremely welcoming & I can't wait to go bac! Arlene made me feel right at home and walked me through the process of my hair goals. I felt heard and she gave me a plan that I could follow."
Wooden Hair Comb

Oncology Trained Specialist

OGP Medical Wigs & Wellness ensures that every cancer patient receives the necessary care during and after treatments, we provide medical wigs, hair treatments, skincare, and exercise to help our clients through their cancer journey. 

Medical Wigs

Provide Cranial Prosthetic Wigs for cancer patients

Hair & Skin Treatments

Scalp massages, treatments & Skin Care

Fitness & Mobility

Strengthen bones & muscles. Increase strength

Our Partners

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