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Empowering Your Mind and Body: The Benefits of Meditation for Cancer Patients

Updated: Jan 23

Embracing Meditation: A Companion in the Cancer Journey

Dealing with cancer treatments is tough on both the body and the spirit. At OGP Medical Wigs, we're not doctors, but we do believe in the potential goodness of things that may go hand-in-hand with traditional treatments. Take meditation for cancer patients, for instance - it's not a doctor's prescription, but there's some science suggesting it might be onto something good.

Smiling lady meditating
Smiling lady meditating

Let's Dive into the Science of Meditation

In a recent study up in Canada, they looked at what happens when cancer survivors try out different activities. One group did mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga weekly, another talked openly about their feelings every week, and a third attended a stress management seminar just once.

Here’s the interesting part - the folks who meditated or joined support groups had these things called "telomeres" hanging out at the end of their chromosomes. Think of them like protective caps that influence how fast a cell ages. For those who meditated or chatted in groups, these telomeres stayed steady. Meanwhile, the folks who went to the stress seminar? Their telomeres got shorter. Longer telomeres are like the superheroes against diseases, so it's like meditation is sending in the reinforcements for our bodies.

Is Meditation Just About Biology?

Beyond its biological impact, meditation stands out as a valuable companion in enhancing patients' psychological well-being and alleviating stress. Now, let's talk feelings. Meditation isn't just about cells; it’s about how you feel inside. A study in 2011 found that people who meditated felt calmer, more energetic, slept better, had less physical pain, and overall felt pretty darn good. Micki Fine,M.Ed. a mindfulness teacher, says it best:

“The word ‘cancer’ can bring up tough thoughts and feelings. If you’ve got a cancer diagnosis, you might be thinking about pain, loss, and a shorter life. Mindfulness helps you take a moment, be present, and sort through those thoughts and feelings. It hits pause between the tough stuff and your reaction, giving you more freedom to make smart choices in how you respond.”

Ready to Try Meditation for Cancer Patient?

If you're thinking, "Maybe I'll give this meditation thing a shot," you've got options. You can find local meditation centers around the U.S., or you could keep it cozy at home with apps like Calm and Headspace that you can download. Pema Chödrön's "How to Meditate" is a fantastic beginner's guide.

In a nutshell, we're all about well-being, but hey, always check in with the pros for personalized advice. Meditation could be like that trusted friend supporting you on your cancer journey.


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