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Do Insurance Companies pay for Medical wigs?

Your Coverage Depends on Your medical Insurance Plan​. For medical hair loss, you may obtain payment for the full cranial prosthesis. Depending on your policy, some medical insurance companies will pay for your medical wig upfront while others insurance companies may require you to pay upfront and then be reimbursed. Most insurance companies will cover between 80-100% of the cost for your full cranial prosthesis and will allow you to receive one cranial prosthesis per year for medical hair loss. Depending on your insurance, your prosthesis may also be a tax-deductible medical expense.

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Happy woman getting medical wig information

At OGP Medical Wigs, we help you with the entire process from choosing a wig to directing you in the right direction so you can get your cranial prosthetic approval by your medical insurance.

Most Types of Medical Hair Loss Covered by Insurance

  • Alopecia Hair Loss

  • Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss

  • Radiation Related Hair Loss

  • Thyroid Related Hair Loss

  • Kidney Related Hair Loss

  • Cancer Related Hair Loss

  • Medical Hair Loss Due to Genetics, Stress, Reaction to Medical Illness, Life and Environmental Changes, Aging, Thinning, and/or Balding

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Insurance Professional talking about medical wig reinbursement

Here are the necessary steps to take to get your insurance company to pay for your wig:


Schedule a free consultation. We will listen to your hair loss concerns, and answer all of your questions. Our goal is to help you through the wig buying process and make it as simple as possible.


Browse through our catalog of available wigs. Together, we will decide which wig is best suitable for you. You can either place an order for your wig at this time (self-pay) or receive a custom invoice for your cranial prosthesis to submit to your Insurance Company for reimbursement or payment.


Send Claim Form to your insurance company (contact your insurance provider for the form). Other items you will need include:

  1. Contact us for our Federal Tax ID #

  2. Procedure Code from your insurance provider. Commonly used procedure codes: Synthetic Wig (A9282 or 99199); Human (L8499)

  3. Receipt paid in full as proof of payment (only if you have paid in full for your wig)

  4. Rx with your diagnosis code from your doctor (It must be written for a medical wig or cranial hair prosthesis)

*Any further questions, please contact us by email or call 407-502-2839 or email us at

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Wigs can be fun & playful!

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